Transitioning to a Career in Human Resources Management

Transitioning to Human ResourcesAlthough there are colleges and universities that offer courses in Human Resource Management, many HR managers actually started their careers in different industries or in other departments. They likely joined the human resources team as managers either by luck or because they enjoy working with other people.

If you are interested to become part of a human resources department despite coming from a different work background, here are some helpful tips for you to become a part of this wonderful career.

Customize your resume – Review your employment background, education, and experiences. Edit your resume and cover letters in such a way that would make you qualified for a career in human resources management. Make it as understandable as possible. Do not expect the hiring manager to be able to connect the dots.

Network with people – Connect yourself with people who post HR job vacancies, either through traditional means or through social networking sites like LinkedIn. Get to know what it takes to be hired as a HR manager.

Inform your company
– If you are currently working in a company, inform your HR department about your interest to work as a HR manager. Be prepared when they open their doors to new vacancies in their department.
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