Should Job Ads Include Salary

Have you noticed that job application advertisements only include the position, its responsibilities, and requirements, but leave out one crucial information: the salary? Many job seekers wonder whether the salary they would get from these jobs would either be below the industry rate or depend on how they negotiate their rates to prospective employers.

But others think this should not be the case. Employees should know that the job they are applying for should be within their salary range, while employers believe that putting the salary in ads would eliminate applications from job seekers with higher salary demands, thereby saving time.

On the other side of the case, some employers even believe that leaving the salary rates unpublished in advertisements would attract more candidates, as some job seekers would even be willing to work with lower rates, given the depressing economy nowadays. Other employers say that they should not be the one giving away the bargaining card when it comes to negotiating an employee’s salary.

So what do you think? Should job ads include salary or not?

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