Steps in Coaching an Employee

1. Communicating the organization’s vision, mission and goals to employees. When this foundation is not clearly in place, productivity decreases and organizational tension is elevated. Clear and consistent communication results in employees who feel connected to a purpose larger than themselves.

2. Plan the development of employees and identify employee development needs

3. Express the performance standards for the job and review past performance of the employee.

4. Explain why it is important to the business for the employee to perform well.

5. Give the first knowledge of the skills to be learned and the tasks to be performed. Give instructions on the job and review job description. Set healthy and motivating goals. You have to describe the areas of performance that the employee must improve and explain desired performance in terms of results that are to be achieved. You should have clear expectations of what should occur, know what behavior and performance occurred and what must be done to resolve or improve the situation.

6. Ask to the person’s why performance does not meet standards and if the employee believes there is a problem. You have to set a positive example of desired performance and behaviors teaching through their actions.

7. Discuss possible solutions. Let the employee develop steps to solve the problem to create a sense of ownership in the solution. If the employee cannot develop a plan, develop one for the employee. Get the facts and provide direction to resolve the problem.

8. Do a written action plan containing specific goals and timetables for meeting those goals. Retain a copy as documentation of the meeting.

9. Ensure a follow up on performance based on the goals stated in the action plan. You have to provide feedback on how the employee is doing.

To effectively coach you need to constantly adapt your approach and response to the needs of the individual employee, the situation and their current position on learning. To counsel employees, the coach has to focus on the goals that he’s trying to get the employee to achieve.

It is important than employees know how their work can contribute to the goal and be able to answer to these questions: What the goal is? How the goal is achieved? What part their work plays in reaching the goal? As coach you have to understand the dynamics of learning and deliver instruction in the most appropriate ways: explanation, demonstration, practice, and feedback. You should always correct mistakes when they occur. Remember, coaching can help you to improve poor employee performance. It is often the first step of the progressive discipline process.
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